FORWARD Whitebook Presentation

The FORWARD Whitebook is the main result of the project. It contains detailed and concrete scenarios of how adversaries can leverage the emerging threats identified by the FORWARD project working groups to carry out their malicious actions. These scenarios illustrate future dangers and provide arguments to policy makers that are needed to support research in critical areas.

The presentation of the FORWARD Whitebook has been scheduled to take place on Friday January 22, 2010 at the EC's premises in Avenue de Beaulieu, Brussels, Belgium. The schedule of the presentation is available online.

Click here to download the FORWARD whitebook.


FORWARD is an initiative by the European Commission to promote the collaboration and partnership between Academia and Industry in their common goal of protecting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructures. Communication networks and computers are under constant Cyber-threats from malicious users and organizations that use viruses, worms, spyware, botnets, spam, and phishing, to harm the European citizens and organizations.

The FORWARD initiative aims at identifying, networking, and coordinating the multiple research efforts that are underway in the area of Cyber-threats defenses, and leveraging these efforts with other activities to build secure and trusted ICT systems and infrastructures.

Primarily the efforts will focus on:

  • Establishing working groups to discuss best practices, progress and priorities, setting the research agendas to be pursued in Europe and identifying possible new research areas and threats that need to be addressed.
  • Setting up an online platform for regularly assessing and reviewing the evolution of the threat landscape and the state of the art in threat detection and prevention techniques.
  • Organizing workshops with relevant groups of experts from industry and academia but also with policymakers for discussing and presenting the emerging threat landscape, the ongoing research that deals with these threats, and the recommended actions to be taken by industry and governments.
  • Leveraging the findings of individual working groups to describe scenarios in which adversaries use a combination of attacks to pose a threat to the security and disrupt the lives the European Union residents or its member states.

Latest News

  • 1/2/2011: FORWARD featured in GPU based IDSs article.
  • 21/1/2010: Deliverable D3.2 (ICT threats whitebook) is now online.
  • 5/10/2009: New FORWARD article in ENISA Quarterly is now online.
  • 1/7/2009: Deliverable D2.2 (Second workshop report) is now available.
  • 23/6/2009: 2nd FORWARD Workshop presentations are now available.